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Mary-Lis Urueña, MALD, MBA, is the Founder of O3Crowd, an entrepreneur,  and a Medical Ozone advocate. Before initiating her work in the field of medical ozone, Mary-Lis worked in economic development with the UN and the World Bank, and then in Investment Management with Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. Mary Lis was the Founder and President of 85 Broads in Spain. 85 Broads (now Ellevate) was a professional women's organization that sprung out of Goldman Sachs. She was also the Vicechairman of the Board of Loisaida, a non for profit in New York City. Mary-Lis is the Founder and CEO of OZOLABS, LLC, Founder of Ozone Master Classes and Co-Founder of Ozovita, LLC. Her passion for the work that Dr. Silvia Menéndez does inspired Mary-Lis to create a crowd funding platform to fund research in the field of medical ozone. She hopes that by helping finance many different types of research studies,  this platform will contribute to the strengthening of the esprit de corps of ozone researchers and practitioners, as well as contributing to attract funds for Medical Ozone research from traditional research organizations around the world. Mary-Lis holds an MA in International Relations from the Fletcher School in Boston, MA, and an MBA in Finance from Columbia University Business School in New York City. She was also selected by the Instituto de Empresa Business School in 2013 for a course on female leadership.

Dr. Silvia Menéndez Cepero is Co-Founder and Chief of the Scientific Committee of O3Crowd. Dr. Menéndez is one of the most respected and experienced medical ozone researchers in the world. She has a PhD in Chemistry and is a Full Researcher, introduced ozone therapy in Cuba in 1986 and was Head of the Ozone Clinic of the Ozone Research Center, belonging to the National Center for Scientific Research, until 2011 when she retired (for 25 years). Dr. Menéndez has dedicated her entire professional life to studying and promoting the use of medical ozone in a wide range of ailments, and continues her involvement by teaching in a wide variety of settings. She is author of two patents, 2 medication registrations and a new therapeutic indication for ozonated sunflower oil, as well as two books, chapters of books, and more than 50 articles, published in peer-reviewed journals for the past 15 years, all in the field of ozone therapy. She has supervised over 40 theses, imparted 60 national and international courses and participated in over 130 international scientific congresses with 260 research works, invited to countries, such as Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, USA, Barbados, Japan, Egypt and India to offer lectures. She has received several medals and international and national awards for her work deployed in the field of ozone therapy. Dr. Menéndez selfless dedication to O3Crowd represents the continuation of her commitment to give medical ozone the recognition it deserves in the field of medicine.

Dr. Menéndez has received over 20 prizes honoring her outstanding research and contributions in the field of medical ozone since 1974. Some of these include:

  • National Prize of the Technical-Scientific Critic for the book entitled ¨Ozone. Basic and clinical applications¨ (2009).

  • “Velio Bocci” I Scientific Prize to Ozone Therapy Investigations awarded by the Spanish Scientific Association of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Application (ACEOOT) with the aim to develop the research and to stimulate the works related with ozone therapy for the paper entitled ¨Protective effect of ozone therapy in the renal damage¨ (2011).

  • Denham Harmon Award granted by the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) during ACAM Fall 2014 Annual Conference on ¨Intelligent Immunity¨ on November 16, 2014, Las Vegas, USA.

  • Francesco Riccardo Monti Prize for life time achievements is a recognition for scientific work done to spread Oxygen-Ozone Therapy practice in Italy and around the world. It was given during the Ozone Forum of India and the Annual Meet of World Federation of Ozone Therapy (WFOT), November 20, 2016.



Drs. Alice Pien, MD, and Asher Milgrom, MD, PhD


Drs. Alice Pien (MD) and Asher Milgrom (PhD) are O3Crowd benefactors and members of the Advisory Board in the United States. They have most generously offered O3Crowd to host it in their non-for profit AIMS (Advanced Integrative Medicine & Surgery) Foundation (501c3) so that all contributions to research projects are tax deductible for US citizens. As members of the Advisory Board, Drs. Alice Pien and Asher Milgrom will volunteer as Ambassadors of the organization, thereby gathering support for research projects listed under the crowd funding platform. 


Dr. Alice Milgrom is the Medical Director of the AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare, which she founded with Dr. Asher Milgrom. Alice is Board Certified in Pediatrics, Laser Medicine & Surgery, Medical Acupuncture and Holistic & Integrative Medicine.  Prior to founding AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare in 1999, Dr. Pien served as Director of ER pediatric medicine in Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, CA. Dr. Pien also holds a Pharmacology degree with honors and has cultivated the knowledge of alternative medicine since her youth.


Dr. Asher Milgrom is the CEO and Chief Scientist of AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare and is the principal architect of the corporation’s business strategies, as well as the principal scientist behind its unique medical protocols. His innovative scientific approach to Regenerative Medicine are now being used as teaching modalities in European and South American medical schools. Along with his wife, Dr. Pien, Asher developed advanced, integrative and regenerative, “multiple-modality” medical protocols for a wide variety of procedures that utilize high-tech lasers along with a variety of other regenerative modalities that produce extraordinary clinical results while requiring minimal patient downtime.  Under his direction, AMA Regenerative Medicine is a pioneering center for the advancement of stem cell R&D in the field of scar remodeling and skin regeneration.  Dr. Milgrom is also the developer of the Hemodynamic Swirling device, that simulates the laminar flow of blood to facilitate efficient administration of HDOT treatments.



Dr. Eric Zaremski, DDS, is O3Crowd's Treasurer. Dr. Zaremski is a general dentist practicing In Marin County. He practices all aspects of dentistry with minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Zaremski was instrumental in the creation and management of the International Association of Ozone in Healthcare, an experience that will allow him to add substantial value to O3 Crowd. 

He has sponsored and mentored many community dental ozone days both in California and in the country of Belize, where hundreds of children and adults have been treated without cost. He stays abreast of new technologies and incorporates them into his own practice. Dr. Zaremski teaches other dentists and their teams how to implement ozone dental therapy in their own offices. He has coauthored a book on laser effects in dentistry and two articles on the uses of ozone in dentistry to help heal disease. He also owns a company that sells ozonated oils, ozonated products, assorted ozone equipment and supplies to various markets. He has created a consumer book that incorporates all pertinent health data regarding ozone and dentistry, helping patients to regulate and improve their health. Dr. Zaremski speaks both domestically and internationally on the health benefits of ozone therapy and ozonated oils.

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