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Research Project Investors

The individuals and organizations listed below have already pledged to invest in the Alzheimer's disease Pilot Study. Only one hundred and fifty US$500 contributions are needed to raise the total amount of US$75,000.


No funds will be requested until the full US$75,000 has been pledged. You can write to us at to pledge your investment contribution and we will list you on this page. Those medical professionals who make a tax-deductible contribution will also be trained free of charge and listed publicly as providers of ozone therapy for Alzheimer patients once the results of the Pilot Study and the Pre-clinical study are published. The list of ozone practitioners trained to serve Alzheimer patients will be distributed in Alzheimer foundations and associations around the world as a way to say thank you for your generous contributions. 

Suggested minimum contribution per MD/ND: US$500

Suggested minimum contribution per Clinic: US$1,000

Suggested minimum contribution per Ozone Equipment Manufacturer: US$2,000

Suggested minimum contribution for those who wish to stay in our hearts forever: US$5,000

Contributors to Alzheimer's Pilot Study:

Silver Contributors ($500) 

Dr. Fred Bloem, MD

Dr. Greg Sawyer, DDS

Mr. Peter Brandt

Dr. Brian Barron, DMD

Ozone Master Classes


Dr. Patrick Magovern, MD

Dr. Dean Schrader, ND

Dr. Gordon Simms, ND

Gold Contributors ($1,000 Level)

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

Drs. Asher Milgrom and Alice Pien, MDs

Dr. Robert Thompson, MD

Dr. Eric Zaremski, DDS

Dr. Jay Mead, MD

Dr. Yoshi Rahm, ND

Dr. Mikhail Artamonov, MD

Dr. Jagdeep Gupta, MD

Dr. Sandra Lilo, DDS

Dr. Dough Hulsteadt, MD

Dr. Ashok Patel, MD

Platinum Contributors ($2,000 Level)




Herrmann Apparatebau, GmbH



Longevity Resources

Note: Herrmann Apparatebau and Longevity Resources also contributing the device to be used for the Pilot Study.

Founders' Circle Contributors ($5,000 Level)

Anonymous  US$5000

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