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O3Crowd is Born

The idea of O3Crowd originated as a way to allow Dr. Silvia Menéndez, PhD, to fulfill one of her professional dreams: to carry out a pre-clinical study on the potential effects of medical ozone in Alzheimer's disease. While Alzheimer's disease is indeed a complex condition, it is also one that currently has no cure or treatment that can improve it. For this reason, it makes sense to take a chance and check whether medical ozone can indeed be of help to millions of Alzheimer disease patients around the world.

After identifying a team of researchers who was willing to invest their time and energy in this project, its funding emerged as the next challenge, and the idea of creating a crowd-funding platform for research investing was conceived as a way to address the current lack of funds for medical ozone research.

Tens of thousands of MDs, NDs, and other health practitioners around the world use ozone as a valid and proven therapy for their patients. They all would welcome more research that would allow them and their patients to understand why ozone works, and how it does it. Similarly, the ozone research community around the world would welcome having a source of funds for their research projects. O3Crowd bridges the gap between the practitioners' and researchers, allowing both to meet in a space where both gain and the patients ultimately benefit.

O3Crowd is managed by volunteers and found a home in a non-for-profit organization thanks to the immense generosity of Drs. Asher and Alice Milgrom, two California-based Medical Doctors with a vocation of service and unparalleled enthusiasm and scientific savvy. We welcome your ideas and the collaboration of anyone in the field of Medical Ozone that would be willing to volunteer their time and effort to this initiative. No matter what your views on ozone therapies are or what type of therapies you practice, you are welcome in a space that wishes to find clarity where there is confusion and establish some truths that we can all share based on scientific proof.

We look forward to sharing our work and findings with all of you.


Mary-Lis Urueña, MALD, MBA Dr. Silvia Menéndez, PhD

Founder Co-Founder

Chair of Scientific Board

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